"We are the Dream Children" by Benjamin Ofori Arthur

We are the dream children,

Lost in wrinkles of time,

Floating above a sea of pure moonlight,

Trapped in our own desires.

We were told we were the dream children,

We felt obliged to own everything,

We avoided nightmares,

And welcomed day dreams with open arms.

We believed we were the dream children,

We loved who we loved inspire of the chaos,

But our love was new and different,

And so they tried to kill our dreams,

They tried to kill us.

I am a dream child,

Cursed even before I left mama's womb,

Cast away because I am a man,

Who loves another man,

But I'm a dream child,

We always survive,

And I swear by the colors of the rainbow,

I'll survive.

Benjamin Ofori Arthur

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