"Matet3" by Maya Tyler


I mean I've been hiding

I've been hiding behind the walls, the veils, the curtains and even ended up in the closet. The only thing I'm capable of doing is to stretch my neck once in a while, check up on you and then go back to my hide out

There are thousand and one traces of fear I feel them with every fibre of my being


I mean I've to hide my desires, my feelings and ambitions

I've to leave them to the hands of time

And the hands of time doesn't seem to pledge friendship with my humble soul

I don't want to have my dying tongue paying tribute

So it's best I hide


I don't want to end up in the middle

I don't want Mr. Or Miss "As White As Snow" to call me names

I don't want to feel like I hold the keys to the destructive hellish fire


I just want to continue hiding

I don't want to hear someone digging scriptures to stab me and leave me bleeding

I'd cry but my tears will mean nothing

My flesh shall serve as a feast to the vultures

So leave me to hide

I know I can't hide forever but now

I still remain hidden behind everything



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