"Have you Read the Story" by Benjamin Ofori Arthur

Have you read the story,

the story of Kwame and kwesi

the story of a love soo strong

only death could break them apart.

Have you heard the story,

kweku ananse's story.

The one he told on the ancestral tombs

of the two kings who fell in love

during the war of ten moons

Have you seen their Graves,

sitting next to each other,

holding hands even in eternity.

A true definition of till death do us part.

I've seen their truth,

I've read their stories

and I've felt their pains.

I sometimes hear their voices

Like the soft hollow winds of evening rains

Telling tales of past heros

Who lived their dreams

Who wrote their stories

And I sometimes feel their pains

When another iroko tree is burned

When it is killed prematurely

For being different.

We have a story to tell,

I have a story to tell

I don't care if you burn the sea

My voice is my voice

My words are my words

And I'll keep using it

Till they rest in peace

Till we all rest in peace.

Benjamin Ofori Arthur

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